Oaxaca, I have only gratitude.

photos: Katrina Jane Perry

Where to begin in describing my love of this magic land? My affinities abound. Upon each return I am welcomed with incredible generosity, and exposed to artistry unlike anywhere I have ever traveled. I exist here in a perpetual state of awe over the skill encountered numerous times a day. The kind-hearted people I meet here imbue a deep sense of gratitude and ignite my curious spirit. And so the collaborations for AUGUST ETTA thrive! 

Words cannot express the appreciation I have for the opportunity to work in Oaxaca with so many incredible artisans–individuals who want to see their traditions in generational artistry survive in a world of rapid commerce. AUGUST ETTA strives to weave a social tapestry across borders through conscious consumerism. AUGUST ETTA celebrates the time-sensitive traditions in creating with one's hands, and the importance in supporting local economies. AUGUST ETTA praises the timeless quality achieved in this vanishing custom, and the soulful nuance embodied in an object showing evidence of the human hand.  

Over the next few weeks, the website will reveal handmade goods for the home and body: la casa y el cuerpo . In support of women, community and creativity, I am excited to soon share the offerings I have carefully selected for their form, function, and, of course, their beauty and whimsy. Please stay in touch by subscribing to the AE NEWSLetter. You'll be the first to learn of new offerings, and receive the latest journal posts from Peppered. Thank you for your time and interest!