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Beeswax Candles | Sofia Ruiz Lorenzo

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Sofia's hand dipped, pure beeswax candles are truly the best. They burn and melt beautifully, indicating their quality and craftsmanship. Sofia's over fifteen years of perfecting hand dipped candle making is evident in the variety of sizes and elaborate wax designs she produces. The larger candlesticks Sofia makes for religious ceremonies and traditional festivals are dipped up to 1,000 times before they are completely finished. The August Etta beeswax candlesticks are offered in two sizes: 8" and 16" with a burn time of approximately 5.5hr/8" and 7.5hr/16". These simple beauties are necessary for every dinner table, as a meal shared by the illumination of a warming flame only makes the food taste better.

I met Sofia on my first tour with Fundación En Vía and was instantly enchanted by her workshop–the smell of the melted beeswax is pure bliss. And Sofia's calming presence makes you feel right at home. As an En Via supported artisan, Sofia receives mircofinance loans to help sustain and grow her business. 5% of all AUGUST ETTA sales go directly to Fundación En Vía in support of Sofia, and over 300 women entrepreneurs in the Oaxaca Valley where many AUGUST ETTA offerings are handmade. 

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