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The Contreras Wool Blanket | Handwoven by Ismael & Elena


The Contreras Wool Blanket: 100% virgin wool, medium weight, super soft–offers just the right amount of warmth. Handwoven on a traditional standing loom in the taller of the Contreras family in the Oaxaca Valley. Measures 85" by 48", available in three styles. The simple, classic design and neutral color scheme make this beauty a functional staple for any space. Dry clean only. 

WOVEN is the AUGUST ETTA commitment to weaving a social tapestry across borders through conscious consumerism. 5% of all AUGUST ETTA profits go directly to Fundación En Vía in support of women in Oaxaca, Mexico where many offerings and commissions for AUGUST ETTA are handmade.

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Contreras Wool Blanket-2.jpg
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