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Rose Shawl


The Ikat Rose Shawl, handwoven by the lovely Mendez Family in the Oaxaca Valley on a traditional standing loom. This beautiful, goes-with-everything wardrobe piece is tradition and innovation for unique, everyday style. 

Cotton threads are bound before the dye-resist process of applying color, which results in the ikat effect after the threads are woven together on a hand-operated standing loom. The intricate fringe finishing the piece adds a beautiful detail, which is another step entirely in the laborious construction process. The versatility of the Rose shawl is a nod to the multifunctional nature of the rebozo in Mexican culture, which uses encompass everything from carrying babies to keeping warm.

Available in two styles, open and closed weave for seasonality, measuring 24x78inches including fringe. The breathability of the open weaves makes it a perfect pieces for sun protection and cool summer eves. The closed weave, perfect for colder climates.

Learn more about the Mendez Family, the incredible family of multigenerational master weavers, a legacy dating back to 1920s, on the AE Journal here.

Care/note: Due to the handmade nature of this piece slight variations in measurements may occur. Dry cleaning is recommended, or hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent, lay flat to dry mindful of the delicate fringe. A warm iron will take out any creases.

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