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The Alice Caftan


The Alice Caftan: 100% natural cotton, handwoven on a traditional standing loom in the Oaxaca Valley by the lovely Mendez family. A simple silhouette designed for ease of movement and comfort; a celebration of beauty in comfort and handmade artistry. Detail of this timeless design reveals bands of intricate crosses. 

The Alice Caftan is completely handmade from start to finish, down to washing and dyeing the cotton thread used to weave the subtle lines for this classic design. This laborious, multi-step process requires amazing attention to detail, and significant time.

The Mendez family is a multigenerational master weaving family in the Oaxaca Valley. Their impressive history dates back to 1920, with multiple acknowledgments of exemplary status in Mexico and internationally. Read about their family business on the AE journal here

Care/note: measures 27.5x48 inches with 9 inch neck and sleeve openings. Due to the handmade nature of this piece, slight variations in measurements may occur. Dry cleaning is recommended, or hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent, lay flat to dry. A warm iron will take out any creases.

WOVEN is the AUGUST ETTA commitment to weaving a social tapestry across borders through conscious consumerism. 5% of all AUGUST ETTA profits go directly to Fundación En Vía in support of women in Oaxaca, Mexico where many offerings and commissions for AUGUST ETTA are handmade. 

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